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AMC is a Family owned and operated business. This means that we will always offer you personalized service.

We design web sites and CD's for one simple reason... we enjoy doing it!! We have spent countless hours surfing the web ourselves, and we want your web site to be easy to navigate and fun to visit. We have lot's of experience in advertising, layout and design and we apply that special talent to the world wide web. Everyone at AMC has a degree in Computer Programming. We have invested a lot of time and resources into obtaining the proper tools to get the job done. We use the latest state of the art hardware & software.
We have the skills and talent to create what you want.

Due to the fact that every project is customized to suit your taste you'll have to contact us to find out more. To contact us just click on the contact us link on any page in this site. We check our E-Mail numerous times a day and we are looking forward to starting on your very own personalized project.
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